About Us

It was November of 2002 when Jim Danner and Bob Everts opened the office doors to Danner & Everts Financial. They started with zero clients. With a will to be independent and a desire to have the client’s best interest in mind always, the business started to prosper.

In 2008, Brent Brekke joined Jim and Bob forming Danner, Brekke & Everts Financial & Insurance Solutions. Brent’s experience in corporate benefits was ideal to grow our business with our clients through insurance.

Today, Danner, Brekke & Everts continues to grow, having two locations with over 1,000+ clients and over 50+ groups involving retirement and insurance plans.

It is our goal to continue to safeguard people with protection that they require, whether it is retirement, medical, property, life or long-term care insurance.

Thank You for your Trust and your Business!